Sunday, 11 January 2009


Clueless 1.4 is a bit below 2000 by CCRL so now and then I manage to win against it.

Shredder Elo 1700 level

The only way to make it exciting to play against as strong an engine as Shredder is to restrict the strength of it, here it is supposed to play 1700 level and that makes winning some games quite possible.


Lime 6.2 is not one of the stronger engines around, so it is possible to beat it now and then. CCRL has it as 2208 in 40 minute games.

Chess Challenger 10 miniature

My games against Chess Challenger 10 were usually less onesided than this example. Even when playing on its highest level, as here, it had a tendency to now and then make really bad moves and this was my quickest win ever against it. I think it averaged approximately 15 minutes per move.

First GameKnot effort

17. ... Kf7?


15. ... Rb8 followed by b5 ouch

Four Knights

A Schliemann success