Friday, 12 June 2009

Pretty loss

My opponent had just started her GameKnot career and quickly climbed to around 2400, where she still is, so my being crushed was inevitable. A very nice finish where I'm up two rooks and a knight, but that doesn't help much.

To copy Toppy

A double exchange sacrifice (if that's what it was) and a cute checkmate in a three minute game.

Queen gone wrong

My first win against a 1900+ player on GameKnot, thanks to an ill-advised queen excursion.

Surprisingly smooth

Beating the mighty LCP

28th better than 31st

My opponent here is FIDE rated 2266 at the moment so it is no surprise that it looks rather awkward for me during most of the game. I like my 28th move but spoil a decent position by not playing 31. Kh3. We blitzed this one out quickly from beginning to end.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Less fun after 18.hxg3

Playing a quick series of games against the same opponent I eventually got the chance to play a not too advanced combination after some mutual mistakes.

Surviving endgame torture

My key pushing opponent in this game has played Kasparov, and still he has only won one of four against me... The remaining games were as unpleasant draws as this one.


Of the handful of games I played on SchemingMind this was one of the more successful, even if 21. ... Nxe3 and 27. ... Rf8 are a couple of quicker wins.


One of the better efforts from my short RedHotPawn career.